Survivors do not grow on trees,

And getting old is a privilege, not a curse.

This remarkable woman was truly a privilege to take care of, check out her story!



And then some people Like Lori Vincent just defy all the rules and statistics by shear will and faith.



I am so fortunate to participate in the care of all these wonderful people, and though we never play favorites…. some people you really connect with like Paula and Charlie-God Bless!


This man gave lung cancer a real beating!!

This man has survived two separate cancers and lives everyday top the fullest.

This amazing woman gets the “John Wayne Award” for braveness!!! She has been successfully battling Stage 3 lung cancer for 3 years.

I am humbled by her ¬†tencity, grace and shear will to live. And like me… she is a huge John Wayne fan.

I am blessed everyday to be in the presence of such graceful human beings!

Proud to be able to help our vetrans.

This woman will not be slowed dow.

Some sisters are inseparable… through thick and thin!

These are true heroes!