A Medport is a small device that can be implanted under the skin and has a small flexible tube that runs through your viens into your heart, similar to a pacemaker placement.

The procdure takes about 30 minutes to perform and you go home the same day.

Now your Oncology team can access this port and deliver the chemotherapy agents directly into the main blood stream very efficiently and spare any toxic effect to your smaller arm viens.

This video describes in detail how the catheter is placed and its function.

Remeber it is a real surgery, done in the operating room.

Please stop your blood thinners a few days ahead of time and don’t eat or drink Anything after 12 midnight the morning before the procedure.

If you are unsure always check with your surgeon, we never mind any phone calls because we want it to go perfectly for you.

Possible complications of a Medport are as follows:

Pneumothorax, a collapsed lung from the placement that may require a chest tube drain, that’s why a chest X-ray is always done.

Wound infection or hematoma, always call if the wound is not properly healing.

Clot in the port or tubing causing malfunction, it must be flushed regularly.

Tubing can break or wear out, it may need to be replaced over time.

You are the most important member of your health care team, always be aware and lets us know if anything changes, knowlewdge is power.