Lung cancer is the number one cancer killer in america today!

It kills more people each year than breast, colon, prostrate and pancreatic cancers combined.

Roughly 430 people die each day from lung cancer in the United States.

87% of all lung cancers are directly related to cigarette smoking.

This is the first peom I ever learned as a child and it helped keep me from smoking despite all the adds and peer pressure, as mentioned in the video below.

The National Lung Screening trial has demonstrated that doing serial low dose CT(LDCT) scans on high risk smokers can detect small early lung cancers and save lives.

The amount of radiation from a LDCT scan is the same amount of radiation you would get in a transcontinental airplane ride from L.A. to Charleston.

Please check out this video on lung cancer and what lung cancer screening is all about.


It is a process … not just one scan, and the decision to get involved and have a lung screening CT scan is best made by having a conversation with your primary care physician.

This is the “LungRADS” nodule chart described in the video.

Your Multidisciplinary Thoracic Team uses the criteria of a nodule found as a guidline to reccomend the appropriate next step which can range from another scan in one year to a Pet scan or biopsy depending upon the suspicious nature as described.

The National Comprehensive Cancer Network guidelines suggest that is your hospital is performing lung screening than those images should be reviewed by a panel of lung cancer experts to get the best advice. This means both doing the right thing such as Pet scans and biopsies when indicated but also trying to avoid over biopsy of low suspicious lesions. Every biopsy can have complications such as a collapsed lung, thats why the decision to enter into a lung screening program needs your full attention and education.

Be brave and decide to get a lung screening CT scan!

Seize your Lung…….Seize your Life!